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Astig PLOT


“Astig PLOT” is an AMAZING new tool for the analysis of the Astigmatism in a Group of Eyes. You can plot the aggregate astigmatism (or the Surgically Induced Astigmatism - SIA) with a single click of the mouse while the Mean Astigmatism is calculated for you! You can either plot the Preop, Postop or Surgically Induced Astigmatism and the plots are autoscaling.

What used to be a time consuming operation can now be accomplished in just a few seconds! EVOLVE NOW!


Astig PLOT:

  1. Create amazing astigmatism plots for congress presentations or scientific paper submissions!

  2. Plots aggregate astigmatism data on an autoscaling doubled-angle polar plot!

  3. Shows individual and mean astigmatism on the plot

  4. Calculates and shows the Mean Astigmatism and SD (after conversion to cartesian notation)

  5. Automatically calculates the Surgically Induced Astigmatism (SIA) and SD!

  6. Plot 2 series simultaneously on the same plot (e.g. Pre and Postop) (Eye Pro 2013 only)

  7. Plots the astigmatism centroid

  8. Plots can be resized

  9. Send plot via email

  10. Data is read from CSV files that can either be uploaded onto a URL or via iTunes (PC or Mac)

Have a look at the instructions to see how to import your data into Astig PLOT.

“Astig PLOT” is available as a standalone app or as part of “Eye Pro 2013” and “Eye Pro 2012. Click on the icon on your right to visit the App Store for more info (iTunes will be automatically launched).

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