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YOUR FIRST CALCULATION (Sequence of actions):

  1. 1.Prepare the CSV file with all the astigmatic data as shown below.

  2. 2.Load the CSV file on the device with either Option 1 (read from URL) or 2 (sync via iTunes).

  3. 3.Wait a few seconds for the program to read and process your file. If the CSV file has 2 columns the program won't ask any question and will just plot the astigmatism. If the CSV file has 4 columns (the first 2 for the Preop and the last 2 for the Postop Astigmatism) the program will ask you if you would like to plot the Preop, Postop, or Surgically Induced Astigmatism.

  4. 4.Press the “page curl” button on the lower right hand corner of the screen to show the plot.

  5. 5.Spot size and plot scale can be changed by editing the textfields and then pressing “Redraw”.

  6. 6.The plot can be emailed to yourself or your colleagues as an image. At the same time, a copy will be saved in your photo album.



  1. 1.Use any spreadsheet program of your choice (e.g. Excel™, Numbers™, Open Office™).

  2. 2.Create a new document.

  3. 3.Click on “Save as”, then select “CSV format”.

  4. 4.If you intend uploading the file to your URL (Option 1) you can give the file any name you wish. If you want to sync it via iTunes (Option 2) you must call it “AstigPLOT.csv”.

  5. 5.Enter all the values in the CSV file as shown below. You can either use 2 or 4 columns. If you intend calculating the Surgically Induced Astigmatism (SIA) you should use 4 columns and enter the Preop and Postop Astigmatism as explained below.

  6. 6.The Astigmatism must be expressed in POSITIVE CYLINDER notation using MERIDIANS rather than axes. Enter the MAGNITUDE in the 1st column and the MERIDIAN in the 2nd column. Use a new row for each eye. If you are creating a CSV file with 4 columns THE VALUES MUST BE ENTERED IN THE FOLLOWING SEQUENCE: Preop Astigmatism Magnitude, Preop Astig. Meridian, Postop Astig. Magnitude, Postop Astig. Meridian. Entering the values in a different order will result in erroneous results.

  7. 7.At the end click on “Save” and close the file.


Example 1 (2 columns file):

Use a new row for each eye and enter the values as follows, Magnitude first and then Meridian: 

1.25      90

1.00      70

1.12      45

1.50      30

Example 2 (4 columns file):

Use a new row for each eye and enter the Preop Astigmatism in the first 2 columns and the Postop Astigmatism in the last 2 columns as follows:

1.25      90        0.25    78

1.00      70        0.50    85

1.12      45        0.75    60

1.50      30        0.25    50

In this last example the program will ask you if you want to plot the Preop, Postop or the Surgically induced astigmatism (SIA). Note that if you invert the Pre and Postop astigmatism you will get completely different results! In this example, if you ask to calculate the SIA the program will plot these individual values:

1.03       3

0.62      148

0.60      116

1.32      116


  1. Do not use any headings in the CSV file.

  2. For decimal numbers you should always use the dot (.).

  3. NEVER USE THE COMMA (,) as you will get completely wrong results (the number will be split in two. That’s why the format is called Comma Separated Values - CSV). You will also get wrong results if you use any text or non-numerical characters in your CSV file.


OPTION 1 (Read From URL):

To use this option you must own a domain (a website) and must be able to upload the CSV file to this website. Once uploaded, simply enter the full path in the “Enter URL” field and press the button. You can give any name you wish to the file.

We have created 10 test files and uploaded them on our website for you to try. They are called TEST1.csv to TEST10.csv and can be tried entering this initial path: http://www.eb-eye.com/TEST1.csv.

OPTION 2 (via iTunes):

  1. 1.Once you've entered all the data as described above you must save the file in CSV format and name it “AstigPLOT.csv”. The program will NOT be able to read the file if you name it differently!

  2. 2.Connect the device to the computer with the USB cable.

  3. 3.Launch iTunes.

  4. 4.In iTunes click on your device.

  5. 5.Click on the Apps tab.

  6. 6.Find Eye Pro 2011 or Astig PLOT and click on it.

  7. 7.Click on “Add File” and browse until you find your CSV file.

  8. 8.The file should automatically be transferred to your device after a few seconds. If not, there is a tick box to do so.

  9. 9.You are done! Try to load the file again.


  1. The plot is Autoscaling to the maximum astigmatism found in the series, but you can change Scale and Spot Size as you wish (you must press “Redraw” to actually apply the changes).

  2. Press the “Email” button if you want the plot to be sent by email to yourself or your colleagues.

  3. Pressing the Email button will also save the current plot as an image in your photo album.

  4. Calculations of large datasets can take some time (especially on old devices such as the iPhone 3G). Be patient...It's definitely worth the wait!

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(Empty field in CSV file)


(Comma used in CSV file)


(Extra values in CSV file)


(Wrong number of columns in CSV file)

CSV file must be either 2 or 4 columns.


(CSV file named incorrectly)

Reading from URL? Any name can be given.

Using iTunes? File must be named “AstigPLOT.csv”.