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BESSt 2.0


“BESSt 2.0” is the iPhone version of “BESSt 2.0 IOL Power Calculator”. A must-have tool for Anterior Segment surgeons who need to perform cataract surgery after Laser Refractive Surgery. Note: it requires the Oculus™ Pentacam™ (purchased separately).


Biometry post Laser Refractive Surgery:

  1. BESSt 2.0 formula (Myopic / Hypermetropic algorithm):

  2. The latest version of BESSt formula allows more accurate estimation of IOL Power in eyes which underwent Laser Refractive Surgery for Hypermetropia compared to BESSt 1 (unpublished data taken from the Author’s series). The Myopic algorithm has similar results to BESSt 1.

  3. BESSt only requires Pentacam™ measurements, without ANY need of pre-refractive surgery information.

  1. BESSt 1.0 formula:

  2. The original formula, as published on the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in 2006. We recommend always using BESSt 2, but BESSt 1 can be used for further comparison. There is a single algorithm, which works for both Myopic and Hypermetropic ablations.

“BESSt 2.0” is available either as a standalone app (“BESSt 2.0”) for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad  or as part of a more complete Ophthalmic Suite (“Eye Pro 2013”). Click on the icons on your right to visit the App Store for more info (iTunes will be automatically launched).

BESSt only reduces but does not eliminate the risk of a refractive surprise. You must therefore always compare the results of BESSt 2 with those of the old algorithm (BESSt 1.0) and those from the different published formulas. When in doubt, refer the case to a colleague who is specialised in post-LASIK biometry.

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BESSt 2.0

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