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Cataract Outcomes Calculator (COC)


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  1. 1.On your iPhone or iPad press Set email address to set up the email address where you want the template file to be sent to (you need to do this only once)

  2. 2.Now press Send template by email and download the COC.csv file onto your computer. The file looks like this:

  1. 3.On your computer, open the COC.csv file using the spreadsheet program of your choice (e.g. Excel, Numbers, Open Office, etc..) and enter all the biometric data as shown below.

  1. 4.Now delete the first row of the COC.csv file and save. Make sure you are saving in CSV format (.csv) and not for example in the standard Excel format (.xls).

  2. 5.The final file to be transferred to your device should look like this:


  1. OPTION 1:

  2. -Upload the COC.csv file onto your website and take note of the full URL path. To use this option you must own a domain (a website) and must be able to upload the CSV file onto it.

  3. -Now go back to your device, enter the full URL path in the appropriate field below the button and click on the From URL below button.

  4. -We have created a test file and uploaded it onto this website for you to try. It can be tried by entering this path on your device: http://www.eb-eye.com/COC.csv.

  1. OPTION 2 :

  2. -Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable and transfer the file via iTunes: Launch iTunes. Click on your device. Click on the Apps tab. Find Eye Pro 2013 and click on it. Click on “Add File” and browse until you find your the COC.csv file. The file should automatically transfer to your device after a few seconds. If not, there is a tick box to do so.

  3. -Now go back to your device and click on the From iTunes button.


  1. -It will take just a few seconds for the program to read the file and do all the calculations. You will then receive the file with the results, COC_Outcomes.csv, as an email attachment. The file will look like the one below and at the end it will show the Mean Error and the SD.


  1. Always use fullstops (.) and NEVER USE COMMAS (,) for decimal number separation in the COC.csv file or you will get completely wrong results (the number will be split in two. That’s why the format is called Comma Separated Values - CSV).

  2. DO NOT ENTER NON NUMERICAL VALUES SUCH AS TEXT OR SYMBOLS or you will also get wrong results.

  3. VERY IMPORTANT: if you get an error while trying to read the file, it is possible that this could be due to a missing Carriage Return symbol after the last value of the last row in the file. In this case, open the COC.csv file with a text editor rather than Excel (choose “Open with” to do so and use for example Text Edit or Text Wrangler for Mac or WordPad for PC), move the cursor after the very last value and hit the return key. An invisible carriage return symbol will be added. Now save the file and transfer it again to your device with either Option 1 or Option 2.

  4. NEVER LEAVE EMPTY FIELDS in the COC.csv file!

  5. Be careful how you name the input file:

  6. Reading from URL? Any name can be given.

  7. Using iTunes? The file must be named “COC.csv”.

  1. Back to Functions Menu.




If you have this option enabled (it may be an In-App upgrade), then the newly Customized A Constant will be shown in one of the last columns and rows of the outcome file.