Eye Pro 2013

The 1st Professional Ophthalmic Suite for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad


Eye Pro 2013

Initially released in 2009, Eye Pro is the 1st and most advanced Ophthalmological calculator ever released on the iPhone/iPad and on mobile platforms! Dozens of functions in a single and handy app. Developed by an ophthalmologist for ophthalmologist, the program is continuously checked for errors and bugs and updated with new features.


   Standard Biometry:

  1. SRK/T, Hoffer Q formulas officially approved by their Authors

  2. NEW! Cataract Outcomes Calculator (COC): Biometry Group Analysis!

  3. NEW! Customize your A-Constant, pACD, SF

    Biometry post Laser Refractive Surgery:

  1. BESSt 2 Myopia, BESSt 2 Hypermetropia, BESSt 1 formula

  2. NEW! BMR-BHR (Borasio Myopic/Hypermetropic Regression) for IOLMaster

  3. Double-K adjustment for SRK/T, Hoffer Q, BESSt 1

  4. Export button to send data to BESSt II IOL Power Calculator for PC

   Toric IOL calculator

  1. NEW! Toric IOL Calculator which takes into account your SIA!*

  2. Estimates the axis of an implanted Toric IOL starting from pre and postop refractions

    Aggregate Astigmatism Plotter and SIA Calculator

  1. The ultimate tool for Astigmatism group analysis

  2. Ideal for scientific papers and congress presentations!

  3. Plots the individual and aggregate astigmatism on doubled-angle polar plots

  4. Automatic calculation of Mean Astigmatism and Surgically Induced Astigmatism

  5. Automatic scaling of the plot

  6. Send plot via email and save in photo album

  7. NEW! Now it calculates both Vector and Arithmetic mean astigmatism and SIA!

  8. NEW! Simultaneous plotting of Pre and Postop Astigmatism (series comparison)!

    SIA Calculator (Surgically Induced Astigmatism Vector Analysis)

  1. Calculates SIA for individual cases

  2. Works either on K Values or Refractions

  3. Automatically converts to cartesian (X;Y) notation for statistical analysis

   Visual Acuity Converter

  1. Converts VA between LogMar, Snellen and Decimal notation

   Corneal / Spectacle Plane Converter

  1. Converts Refractions between Corneal and Spectacle Plane for any given BVD

   Cartesian / Polar Notation Converter

  1. Converts Astigmatism and Axis (or Meridian) from the traditional Polar Notation (e.g. +3.25 x30 Degrees) to Cartesian Notation (e.g. X=1.63; Y=2.81), essential if you want to average multiple refractions

   Optical formulas

  1. Thick Lens Equation (Gaussian Optics Formula)

  2. Thin Lens Equation (to convert from Ant r to CP and vice-versa)

  3. Custom Keratometric Index-based calculations

   Astigmatic correction reduction calculator

  1. Predicts the final astigmatism following incision or Toric IOL misalignment

  2.   Would you like a particular formula or function to be implemented?

  3.    Please send an email with your request and we will consider it for the next updates.


You can find Eye Pro 2013 on the Apple Store by clicking on the icon above from your iPhone, or via iTunes from your Mac or PC (in this case you will later need to synchronize with your device to transfer the app). 

Contact info:

For technical support: info@eb-eye.com

For information on BESSt formula for PC: www.eb-eye/besstformula.com


Eye Pro 2013

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