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Cartesian/Polar Converter


This program converts from Polar (e.g. 1.35 D x124 Degrees) to Cartesian notation (e.g. X= -0.50; Y= -1.25) and vice versa.


Cartesian (X;Y) to Polar (Cylinder/Axis) notation Converter:

  1. Easily convert each Refraction from the classical Polar (e.g. +3.25 x 30 Degrees) to Cartesian notation (e.g. X = 1.63; Y = 2.81) in order to perform standard statistics such as Average and SD on a group of eyes. The final result can then be converted back to traditional Polar notation for descriptive purposes.


  1. Polar to Cartesian conversion:

  2. Before calculating Mean and SD, each individual value must be converted from Polar to Cartesian notation.

• Cartesian to Polar conversion:

  1. This is to be used at the end, to convert the calculated Mean and SD back to Polar notation, which is more useful for descriptive purposes.

“Cartesian/Polar Notation Converter” is only available as part of “Eye Pro 2013”. Click on the icon on your right to visit the App Store for more info (iTunes will be automatically opened).

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Cartesian/Polar Notation Converter

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