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Standard Biometry


The ideal companion of cataract surgeons who need to double check or repeat IOL power calculations at the last minute. A must have tool for when you break the capsule! :-)

Note: the software does not measure the Axial Length (AL), for which the Carl Zeiss Meditec® IOLMaster® or US biometry is recommended.


Standard Biometry:

  1. It calculates the IOL Power in eyes which have never undergone laser refractive surgery. It includes the correct and updated versions of the SRK®/T and Hoffer Q formulas officially endorsed by their Authors.

  2. The ”Show more IOLs” function shows more IOLs, ranging from -1.50 to +1.50 D from the desired target refraction.

Group Analysis:

  1. With the new amazing Group Analysis tool you can analyze the results of biometry in a group of eyes.

  2. Just prepare a CSV file containing all your biometry data including the power of the IOLs implanted, the A constants used, and the refractions achieved postoperatively and the program will calculate for you the following:

  3. Group Mean Error + SD

  4. Optimized A Constant / SF / pACD

  1. The Group Analysis tool is only available in “Eye Pro 2013” or as a separate upgrade.

  1. For help on this feature check the Group Analysis User Guide.

Post LASIK/PRK Biometry Formulas:

  1. Click here.

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