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Thick & Thin Lens Equation



Thick Lens Equation (GOF)

  1. Starting from Ant r, Post r and Central Corneal Thickness (CCT), this program calculates the Total corneal power (CP), Anterior Surface CP, Posterior Surface CP, Ant/Post r ratio, SimK equivalent (calculated from the Ant r using 1.3375 as the Keratometric Index), K2 value (as described in the literature).

Thin Lens Equation

This program has two functions:

  1. It calculates CP from Ant r using 1.3375 as the Keratometric Index.

  2. It calculates the Keratometric Index of your device from Ant r and CP.

Calculations with Custom Keratometric Index

  1. This program is to be used if you have a custom Keratometric Index (e.g. 1.3315 from Manual Keratometry which is now rarely used) that you would like to use to convert from Ant r to CP or viceversa. Data required from the device of your choice: Keratometric Index, Ant r or CP.


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