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VA Converter


“VA Converter” is a handy Visual Acuity Converter for the iPhone. Its main target are  Ophthalmologists and Optometrists who continuously need to convert refractions back and forth to LogMar notation.


Visual Acuity (VA) Converter:

  1. Converts between the most commonly used Visual Acuity notations (Snellen 6/6, 20/20, Decimal, LogMar). An essential tool for all Ophthalmic professionals who are living the painful (but inevitable!) transition to LogMar notation.

“VA Converter” is available in two versions: either as a standalone iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Application (“VA Converter”) or as part of a more complete Ophthalmic Suite (“Eye Pro 2013”). Click on the icons on your right to visit the App Store for more info (iTunes will be automatically launched).

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